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Shopping & Packing

Choose your product to be professionally packed

We have a variety of products from our warehouse, you can inquire about the details and the quantity through the form or by phone or by email. Once we send you the list of products based on your needs. You can order the product along with its quantity. As we receive the details of your order we will start to process them immediately thereby ensuring its prompt delivery while we place key importance in the packing of the selected products.


Get Your Products Within The Expected Delivery Date

As the products are packed and loaded, we would dispatch them, efficiently through any of the well-known courier services that are chosed depending on the customer's location. So, as the customer's location and the quantity of the products ordered varies so does the company of courier and its time taken to reach the customer's location varies.

Unpacking your Joy

Opening your
shipped product

As all the previous steps are accordingly followed in-order the final step is to ensure that the product reaches your hands safely and that the received product is same in quality and quantity as you have ordered from our shop. We do understand the joy of unpacking the products that you have ordered from us hence we also try to spice it up with additional care in the delivery process.

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